A sense of balance is innate; as children we develop a sense of balance in our bodies and we observe balance in the world around us. In this lesson, we will explore different visual elements that can affect our sense of balance, which ultimately changes our feelings.

Chapter Commentary

VISC101: Session 5 - Balance by Jonathan Earley

"Sugar Water" Music Video

Michelle Gondry, the director of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", "Be Kind Rewind", and many other music videos, directed the music video for "Sugar Water" a song by the group "Cibbo Matto". The director noticed a symmetry in the song's structure as he listened to it over and over, and decided to use a visual symmetry in the video so that the events would sync up whether played forward or in reverse. The two versions of the video are played side by side in a split screen format. You will notice, half way through the video that there is a point where the two versions actual cross over at the same point in time. Watch closely and enjoy!

Facial (A)symmetry

It's been pretty well established that we tend to find symmetrical faces more attractive. However, as you will see below, even some of the most idolized celebrities have their asymmetries. Tom Cruise for example has been pointed out for having a perfectly centered tooth. Like in the book example, if we were to perfectly mirror someone's face, you will find that our faces aren't as symmetrical as we might think.


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