Design Process

Defining some of the core values of design

This course will be all about observation and developing an eye and mind for design. Although it may seem that only some people are born with an artistic eye, I believe good design is based on rules and principles that anyone can learn. That is my goal for this class.

Chapter 1: Design Process

In this lesson, we will be going over chapter 1 in the "Design Basics" textbook. This will help us to build a basic understanding of what it means to think like a designer. You may be surprised to find that design extends far beyond just visual graphics, but is, in fact, a methodology of thinking.

Audio Commentary

I've included this audio recording which will guide you through the text and the lesson. Please listen to it as you go over Chapter 1. I figured this is the closest thing to going over the book with you in person.


Modern Examples

I've provided some additional videos that further expand on this topic of the design process. I have listed which section of the chapter they correspond with.

The Universal Art of Graphic Design

Reference to p.4 "Design Defined"
This video does a great job of explaining how integral design is in our everyday lives.


Objectified: An Amazing Documentary About Design

Reference to p.4 "Design Defined"
Objectified is an amazing documentary that interviews so the top industrial designers in the world and takes us inside of their creative process.

Clip 1: Trailer


Clip 2: Japanese Toothpick Design

Have you ever wondered what those little notches in some toothpicks are for?


Clip 3: Handle Design

Design for the extremeties.


Mad Men: Don Draper's Creative Problem Solving

Reference to p.5 "Creative Problem Solving"
Mad Men is a TV series on AMC that takes place in the early 1960s centered around a creative director - Don Draper - at one of America's largest design firms. In this clip they are faced with the problem of marketing a deadly product - the cigarette. At this point in history, it has just been outlawed to claim the cigarettes have any sort of health benefits. As a marketing firm, they are completely stumped. However, Don saves the day - eh, in a bad sort of way. 


Darren Brown: Design Trickery

Reference to p.9 "Thinking about the audience"
Watch as this professional hypnotist preprograms these top designers in London to come up with exactly the design he wants them to through subliminal messaging.


Great Artists Steal

Reference to p.16 "Sources: Artifacts"
This 1996 docudrama cronichles the battle between Apple and Microsoft and explores the idea of stealing ideas. We all know that Microsoft routinely steals from Apple, but did you know who Apple stole from?

Notice Any Similarities?

Reference to p.16 "Sources: Artifacts"
No idea is 100% original. Many creatives beat themselves up for not coming up with a completely new concept. Most ideas or concepts are typically a combination of 2 or more influences. Notice some of the similar traits between these popular cartoon characters.

Remixing Ancient Styles

Reference to p.16 "Sources: Artifacts"
Animator Ray Lei combines ancient Asian art with a brand new, urban approach.


As always, please email me if you have any questions!