Shaping Perceptions

Using solid shapes instead of line work can be under-estimated, especially among beginners when it comes to creating an impactful image. Hopefully you will see the amazing impact shapes can have by some of the examples in the chapter and below.

3D Illusion Video:

Minimalist Poster Designs

This minimalist movie posters are all wonderful examples of how you can create a stunning image that tells a story without relying on line-work - only shapes.





Insane 3D Artist - Jonty Hurwitz



Part of the chapter talks about volume and mass. Here are a few examples of artists stretching our conventional understanding of both.

Japanese Fish Painter - Riusuke Fukahori

This artist amazingly creates the illusion of 3D objects by painting one shape layer at a time.

Modern Idealism

Part of the chapter talks about how idealising the human form has been done for thousands of years. We can see more than ever in today's hyper-capitalist society that we indeed, idealize the human form. Below are some examples of how Photoshop has been used to shape images of humans into the way our society feels they ought to be, idealistically.

Light Art

Check out this artists use of shining light through colored glass to create a projected image on the wall.


Homework: Paper Cutout Self-Portrait

For your homework assignment, you will need to create a self-portrait using only colored paper, a cutting device, and some sort of glue or paste. You will not be allowed to use any sort of writing utensil to create any shapes or linework in the final result of your portrait. You may use a pen or pencil to assist in cutting out shapes, but no pen, pencil, or marker line work should appear in the final product.

Below are some great examples of what you could do.









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