Photo Restoration

Repairing damaged old photos and retro-fying new photos

Using a combination of tools in Photoshop, we will learn to restore an old and damaged photo to look as good as new.

Click here to download the source files.


  1. Create and save an action that will convert a new photo into an old one, using steps such as Gaussian Blur, Noise, Vignette (radial gradient), and Vibrance.
  2. Restore "old-pic.jpg" so that there are no more scratches or tears, and also get rid of the brownish tint and bump up the contrast / sharpness.
  3. Have these files (A layed PSD of the model photo, a layered PSD of the restored photo, and the .atn action file) ready to present in class next week.


As always, please email me if you have any questions!