VISC103 - Interactive Media

Prerequisites: VISC 101, VISC 102 and VISC 115.
Explores various software programs involved in creating multi-media presentations,digital movies,digital animation, introductory scripting through a series of short projects.Explore the role of interactive in contemporary marketing and design.

What is Interactive Media?

Exploring how we interact with electronic content

In this lecture / discussion, we will view many examples of diverse and innovative ways that people interact with computer systems. We will also discuss technological predictions depicted in some retro Sci-Fi movies and how close / far they came to the way things really unfolded.

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Apple vs. Adobe

Why no Flash on the iPad?

We will discuss the heated battle between Apple and Adobe over compatibility issues of Flash with the iPad. We will also discuss the pros and cons of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and Flash and the future of the Web.

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Intro to HTML

The backbone of the Web

Since both Flash and HTML are prominent on the Web, we will be learning the basics of both technologies. This week we will learn about the fundamental components of HTML.

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Intro to jQuery pt1

Write more, do less...

jQuery has emerged as the most popular Javascript library to date. We will explore what jQuery really is and how to use it.

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Intro to jQuery pt2

jQuery Continued

We will continue working with jQuery and jQueryUI to create drag-and-drop functionality, tabs, accordions, and other cool gadgets.

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jQuery UI

Write less, do more...

We will continue to work with some jQueryUI functions like tabs, drag and drop, etc.

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Intro to Flash

Learning Adobe Flash's basic interface

We will explore the interface of Flash and how to use the basic tools provided.

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Intro to Action Script 2.0

The code base of Adobe Flash

This week, we will learn some of the fundamental commands in Action Script 2.0, including how to move around the timeline, create buttons, and add Tweens.

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Test Review

What we've learned so far

This week, we will review the various concepts and topics we've gone over so far this semester.

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Conditional Statements

How to create basic AI in Action Script

This week, we will explore if / else statements to check for certain conditions to be met before performing an action.

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Advanced ActionScripting

Going beyond the basics

This week, we will go over how to do more advanced functions in Flash such as preloaders, keyboard functions, loading external SWF files, toggling visibility, and writing variables and functions.

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PSD to FLA Conversion - Part 1/2

Preparing Photoshop files for import into Flash

This week, we will learn how to prepare a Photoshop file for importation into Flash.

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PSD to FLA Conversion - Part 2/2

Importing Photoshop files into Flash

This week, we will practice importing an example PSD into Flash.

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VISC103 - Week 13 Notes

Simple Flash Games

In this lesson, we will discuss some more interactivity techniques in Flash such as Dragging, Sprites, and Keyboard Functionality.

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VISC103 - Week 14 Notes

Final Project

In this final lesson, you will be provided with all the learning resources and lessons you will need to create your final Interactivity Project.

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