VISC200 - 2D Animation

Provides students with a solid introduction to digital 2D Animation. Primary emphasis will be placed on the various tools and techniques needed to create 2D movies. Strong emphasis will also be placed on effective information delivery as well as cutting edge design, both for the web and other media.

Intro to 2D Animation

A brief history

In this beginning lesson, we will get familiar with the wide variety of styles of 2D animation that exist, a brief history of 2D animation, and get discuss class expectations.

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Motion / Animation Principles

Studying the kinematics animate and inanimate objects

This week we will get an introduction into the 12 basic concepts of good animation. To get a hands-on we will have some simple traditional animation exercises.

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Basic Drawing

Breaking objects down into simple shapes

In order for us to become competent 2d animators, we will need to have a firm grasp of drawing fundamental.

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Character Design

Priciniples that shape a character

This week, we will examine the elements that go into designing a solid, likeable, life-like character.

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Pre-visualizing our project before production

This week we will learn about planning out our animation using storyboards.

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Timing storyboards with a timeline

This week we will be timing storyboards to an audio track in order to figure out timing before moving on to keyframe animation.

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Digital Workflow

Defining streamlined efficient production strategies

This week we will be comparing the differences in features and workflows between Flash and After Effects.

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Dot Animation

Bringing a dot to life through frame-by-frame animation

In this lesson, we will be applying several of the 12 principles of motion to a dot to give it life and emotion. The minimalism of a dot should eliminate any artistic learning curb and will also force the animator to rely completely on motion rather than symbolic methods such as expression or posture.

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Mid Term Test Prep

Let's look at what we've learned so far

This week we will be reviewing the concepts that we have learned so far about animation in preparation for the online test.

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Rigging in After Effects

Adding a skeletal structure to a multi-comp character

This week we will take a look at some techniques used in rigging 2.5D multi-layer animations.

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