How to Green Screen

Using chroma keying and Keylight in After Effects.

In this lesson we will learn about chroma key techniques and removing certain colors from video footage. Additionally, we will learn how to create our own green screen from neon poster board.

Keying is the process of using a certain color or colors in a shot to create an alpha channel. Vibrant blue and green are the most popular. This process is necessary for combining multiple shots or placing one element in another environment.

Fortunately After Effects contains some great tools for doing this.

Jon's college project

For your viewing pleasure, here is an sad example of a video I did for one of my college projects. Enjoy!

How to make a super-cheap greenscreen

This may seem unprofessional, but neon green poster is the perfect color for chroma key effects. Plus, at $0.68 per sheet, you can cover an entire wall for under $20.

However, if you'd like to go a little more professional for not much more in price, you can order muslin fabric green screens on Amazon. Check it out.

Using the After Effect Plugin "Key Light"

Keylight is a very powerful plugin for After Effects that comes installed. It is quick and easy to use and does a great job. Watch the video to learn how to use it.

Freddie Wong - Gamer Commute

Of course, Freddie Wong has some great examples of Chroma Keying. In this video, at 0:58, you'll see it in this video.

...and here's how they did it.

Green Screen Stock Footage

Hollywood Camera Work offers tons of free downloadable source material for you to practice keying. Check it out!

Click here to download source footage.


As always, please email me if you have any questions!