Camera setup and lighting

In this lesson, we will be discussing the advantages of using camera rigs and external lighting to add production value to your shots.

Video Rig
Vimeo Video School
Vimeo Video Rig video

Photo Tuts Rig
diy camera rig

Rig Gear on Amazon
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Gear Rental

- decide whether you're going solo or as a group (group members will be given the same grade for the end product. there will also be more pressure to do well).
- come up with an idea for a 30 second commercial or trailer
- write out a script describing all the dialogue, actions, shots
- storyboard all the shots and camera movements
- plan out the location, lighting setup, and necessary equipment
- plan out a shooting schedule

Project Requirements
- include motion tracking
- include animated title effects
- include a green screen effect
- use external audio equipment or record in post
- use custom lighting setup (not just environmental lighting)

Additional Options
- include particle effects
- use the vector stroke tool do draw lines


As always, please email me if you have any questions!